workflow optimisation

Recently I realise that it’s all about workflow optimisation – with a little bit of forethought what could have taken days can take seconds…

This can be in process control terms such as management of tasks, project and design risk analysis and such like; however for geometry modelling, texturing and rendering – each part of the game needs broken down and re-built from scratch.

Geometry modelling can be completely ‘turned on it’s head’ using parametric, computational design and modifier stack controls.

All within a non-destructive workflow.

New software is available for the ‘pipeline’ that enhances and automates processes that previously took days of work.

This example is a simple plane and ‘pulled wire’ architectural element – modified for animation… puppetry for architectural form…


non destructive workflow – modifier stack – math effect on simple geometry

Adding some texturing effects – layered and under control from UV mapping – normals, AO, curvature etc


layered textures

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