Richard Jones – Director – Roughton International

Jamie is able to undertake various roles and responsibilities; achieving results while addressing project challenges.

His project experience across sectors and disciplines enabled his role as BIM Manager within the firm. As a Project Manager and Chartered Architect his listed building experience, and the ability to understand other disciplines in terms of their deliverables, ensured we progressed in terms of completion levels of BIM under the UK mandate.

In terms of attitude as an employee Jamie is friendly, energetic and motivated which are key factors enabling cross sector team communication.

In terms of BIM level 2 compliance, Jamie focussed on deliverables being benchmarked for the firm. This ensured transparency in advance of project operations across the team members engaging in Information Management for clients and undertaking ‘hands on’ team training internally.

Tasked with competitive tenders across disciplines Jamie had a high success rates on competitive bids, delivering solutions in principle and in day-to-day operations.

A business development role was also successfully undertaken with new opportunities evolved in Facilities Management support and Asset/Organisational reviews in advance of creating employers information requirements.

Corporate service was also undertaken by Jamie into the wider local community and he assisted a local charity with FM support and life cycle analysis and service life planning.

As an employee Jamie can address the ‘value add’ necessary to differentiate a team in a competitive market, incorporating a process driven, risk aware and optimised workflow within a multi- disciplinary team.

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