email is dead…

Email is dead…

…at least for professional use, for marketing and commercial purposes such as retail and online shopping it’s going to adapt and change over time.

122,500,453,020 emails are sent every hour. – MarketingProfs (2014)

A lot of business managers at the moment probably feel they are getting copied in to a large proportion of this global traffic.

Numerous authors have tried to address this issue surrounding email’s longevity and use…

Email is not dead because people want to write to one another, using their email accounts, in more than 140-character bursts,” says Neil Schwartzman, Executive Director, CAUCE

Okay – that’s one way of looking at it, however in business clients and managers simply do not want to receive long emails.

Just try sending a very long email in business these days and just for good measure add some weighty attachments – you may find yourself alienated from your colleagues and clients.

Gone are the days you can even expect emails sent to actually be read and acted upon.

People are overwhelmed – on an individual level each person tends to have strategies for handling information overload – some work, some don’t…

Currently lines of communication are speeding up – people want simple interchanges on matters and don’t want to ‘…read all about it…’ at any great length.

As we all go mobile on various devices we really don’t want to put old fashioned niceties in front and underneath short statements of response or enquiry.

That said in business managers also want a full audit trail and methods which demonstrate full transparency of all decision making relevant to subject and discipline.

We are moving into cloud based collaborative working practices where complex tasks with matters such as due diligence, project management and Building Information Modelling are currently being discussed live and dynamically with scattered support from email.

However the audit trail related to this email support function and the record of agreement related to daily communications is far from transparent and if manager’s actually wanted to admit, the information and communication lines are not under control.

In terms of governance. risk and compliance we need new systems of delivery with strategic processes that protect our business interests and allow us to collaborate as a diverse team across international locations.

The Solution…

Instigate new strategy and process controls to your business which by nature are constantly and dynamically adapting to the change and flow of your daily deliverables and measured performance.

Deliver governance, risk and compliance measures while being integrated directly into your teams workflow.

Achieve full audit trails including all transparency of communications and every decision made.

An automated process which empowers your team and includes your clients and stakeholders, giving the right information to the right people at the right time.