I design, train, manage and lead the team to embrace a collaborative and integrated way of working.

As an ‘ideas guy’; as lead consultant and your executive architect I re-think the traditional models of project delivery and asset support in order to bridge the gap between life cycle stages. I support your business through concept, construction, completion and into operations and end of life.

As an experienced team leader in multidisciplinary construction methods with 25 years Autodesk User Experience and 7 years with REVIT; I drive the team forward to where they want to be in terms of developing and implementing design workflows and site based project solutions. Creating corporate strategies and operations level collaboration and team based knowledge – that is where I get my motivation and my satisfaction from; through driving business with change management solutions. In terms of my professional experience to date this has led me to support the whole team and the entire process from start to finish as a problem solver and a strategist. I enjoy taking ownership of issues and resolving the best way forward; communicating ideas while building relationships within the team and with clients and stakeholders. Never over-promising and always over-providing in terms of Added Value. This may take the form of REVIT training and studio template implementation, visualisation of concepts including renders to construction information. It may also be a focus upon whole life planning with FM support.

I understand and create clear and concise strategic implementation supporting project delivery; how we can together develop new ways of working to achieve compliance and audit measures that are dynamic while transparent to ensure standardised process are followed when producing, using and maintaining asset data across sectors – a perfect fit for your business while allowing you to be robust and responsive for your clients. I know how to adapt style and content to ensure our value to the client is clear. Project and Information Manager with 15+ years of corporate strategy experience driving project delivery as lead consultant from inception to completion in the construction sector on projects up to 30m – always delivering on time and on budget.

Initially I worked within the High-End residential housing market in Scotland as an Architect, Developer and a Contractor, then moved to London from Glasgow in 2008 and with my experience in handling multiple concurrent priorities undertook a diverse range of consultancy roles for several practices simultaneously within EMEA regions; this took me from ‘hands on’ residential experience to develop consultancy based solutions in collaborative team environments across global business sectors including Rail, Transport, Commercial, Education, Leisure and Industrial.

Experience controlling information flow within teams and driving new revenue streams of up to 9m and achieving cost savings of up to 3m through Value Engineering during project delivery. A creative lead in terms of optimised workflow and benchmarked delivery to obtain and exceed project milestones.

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